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Robinwood 2020 day 1

Year 5 set off from Holy Trinity with the goodbyes from the vast array of parents and carers still ringing in their ears. 90 minutes later, after a reasonably smooth journey, we had arrived at the foot of the hill leading to the famous Dobroyd castle.

The hill was climbed with the minimal amount of moaning, and we had arrived at the Castle. Excited children hurried past the zip line and giant swing and immediately collected their luggage and were off to set up their rooms.
Rooms immaculately set, the children went off for lunch in one of the group rooms, providing the much needed energy for the day ahead.
We have now negotiated the zip line, the dungeon of doom, the small twists and turns of the caves beneath Robin Wood. Arrows have been successfully fired with bows and giant swings have been ridden with different amounts of screaming.
The final activities of the day saw our children take on the notorious piranha pool, using a combination of teamwork, bravery and blind faith. Other groups have negotiated the heights of the trapeze and the climbing wall.
Finally, the children came together as a year group for the ‘team challenge’. A combination of skill games, dingbats and variations of higher or lower were undertaken by the children and adults before hot chocolate (or water) was consumed in the lead up to bed.
At the time of publishing, the children have all retired to their rooms, unwound and lights have just been turned out. All looks set for a peaceful night, the children have certainly burned enough energy throughout the day.
Wishing you a good night’s sleep too, more updates throughout the day tomorrow, especially on school’s twitter feed @cookridgeholyt1
Night night,
The Y5 team 🙂

4 responses to “Robinwood 2020 day 1”

  1. Fiona Jones says:

    Thanks for update! Sounds like a fabulous start to their stay. Hope you all get some sleep!

  2. Emma Done says:

    Thank you! Lovely to read 😊

  3. Kay lowry says:

    Thank you fir the update! I hope everyone slept well!

  4. Victoria Abotorabi says:

    Thank you for the update. It sounds like a fun filled day. Looking forward to hearing what they have been up to today 😊

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