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Worship Team

At Cookridge Holy Trinity Primary school the children take great pride in being part of our Worship Team.
Collective Worship is a highly values and integral part of each day, incorporating our school’s vision and core Christian Values. Each class from Y1-6 elects their own Worship Team representative who helps and supports us follow our school’s Christian Values.
The Worship Team meet on a regular basis. They listen carefully to the views of their peers, so that pupil voice is heard.
The Worship Team work closely with Miss Lillington to help to plan and lead their own worships linked to special charities and occasions throughout the year and they are also actively involved in monitoring and evaluating our worship in school, so that we can make Collective Worship in our school the very best it can be!
Each week the Worship Team will help our Headteacher in our Celebration worship, a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our learners and their achievements!
The Worship Team are involved in lots of charity events throughout the school year including the Macmillan bake sale, Shoebox Appeal, Reverse Advent calendar and our fantastic Grandparents Afternoon Tea, which is always a highlight for the children! The Worship Team encourages their peers to be “courageous advocates”; championing causes which are special and meaningful to them.  These may be global issues or matters far more personal and closer to home. The Worship Team evaluates their involvement in each charity and understands how they can help make the world a better place.

Roles across our school

  • Plan whole School Collective Worship which are based upon Christian Values and year group Big Questions,

  • Prayers, stories and music,

  • Open and close worship,

  • Write prayers linked to the current Christian Value,

  • Monitor classrooms (displays – school vision, prayers, Ethos statement, Memory Verse, Christian Value)

  • Lead the class in their lunchtime prayer,

  • Lead the class in their end of day prayer,

  •  Check our RE resources,

  •  Environment walks,

  •  Pupil Voice about whole school Collective Worship, RE and prayer spaces


Worship Team Photos

    Worship Team Archive 2020 – 2021

    Worship Team Archive 2019 – 2020

    Worship Team Archive 2018 – 2019

    Worship Team Archive 2017 – 2018