Cookridge Holy Trinity
Church of England (VA) Primary School

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a Unique Child of God.

Green Lane, Cookridge Leeds, LS16 7EZ
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At Holy Trinity Primary School, We are passionate about developing and promoting Art and Design through an enjoyable, creative and cross curricular approach. We are committed to providing all children with the opportunities to engage and succeed in Art and Design, regardless of background, language and or special needs through high quality, differentiated teaching. We encourage children to share and explore both their own and new diverse cultural experiences in the arts. As well as focussed high quality teaching of the National Curriculum Programs of Study in classes, we enrich our children’s learning and experiences of Art and Design through after school club opportunities and the use of external agencies. Alongside encouraging creativity we aim for children to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding or Art and Design. At Holy Trinity Primary School, we aim to ensure that all our children thrive, succeed and achieve their potential.

Policies and Rationales

Art Policy

Art Rationale – Intent, Implementation and Impact

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Artist Curriculum


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Learning Links

Arts Award – Click here for Arts Award

Superheroes of Leeds!

The Tetley art gallery are on the hunt for superheroes in our city. Seemingly normal people do extraordinary things. If you have a superhero who has helped you in the last year, why not draw a picture, write a paragraph, take a photo or even make a film to be featured in a gallery later this year.

If you are interested then use this link to download the application form, or ask your teacher to print one for you.

More information can be found here.