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It is our intent at Cookridge Holy Trinity to ensure that all our pupils become enthusiastic and motivated readers who have a love of literature and enjoy reading, not just for pleasure, but to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Consequently, reading and books under-pin our entire curriculum. We aim to build children’s confidence in reading by immersing them in a wide range of genres and text types and give them the skills to decode words in order to read fluently with a solid understanding of what they have read.

Policies and Rationales

English in EYFS

English policy

Presentation policy

Reading Policy

English Reading Rationale – Intent, Implementation and Impact

English Writing Rationale – Intent, Implementation and Impact

Planning and Progression

English long term plan

Writing skills progression Years 1-6

Reading Progression of skills EYFS

Reading Skills and Progression Years 1-6

Reading Class texts overview


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Handwriting information

Letter formation cards

Handwriting booklet 1

Handwriting booklet 2

A useful guide to language structure progression from EYFS to Y6.

When having conversations with your children at home, try to encourage them to use some of this language and terminology.

YR EYFS Flashcards Language Structures
Y1 Flashcards Language Structures
Y2 Flashcards Language Structures
Y3 Flashcards Language Structures
Y4 Flashcards Language Structures
Y5 Flashcards Language Structures
Y6 Flashcards Language Structures

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Reading for pleasure

Reading for empathy

‘Empathy is a vital skill, and books are the best, and most fun, way to learn it.’
– Cressida Cowell, Children’s Laureate
At Cookridge Holy Trinity we believe it’s important for children to develop their empathy skills to become rounded members of society who are confident in embodying the Christian values taught in school in their adult lives. In an ever-changing world it is vital that children grow up being able to understand the world from other’s perspectives and books provide a safe means of exploring issues they may be facing now or in the future.
  • Empathy Day 2022 – The Invisible
  • Empathy Day 2021 – We’re all wonders
  • Empathy Lab

Celebrating reading at Cookridge Holy Trinity

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Reading fluency


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