Cookridge Holy Trinity
Church of England (VA) Primary School

The Best For Every Child -
a Unique Child of God.

Green Lane, Cookridge Leeds, LS16 7EZ
Telephone: 0113 2253 040

School Office

The school office is open between 8.30am and 4.00pm. To help ease congestion at peak periods there is a “Parent Mail Box” located on the wall outside the main entrance. Parents may post letters and holidays forms at any time, however, it is important that money is not deposited in the post box.


All visitors to the school must report to the school office to be vetted and signed in by the office staff. Visitors must wear a Visitors Badge at all times. For the safety of all stakeholders there is a CCTV system in operation 24 hours a day. All entrances are operated via an electronic controlled access system.

If your child is absent from school

Please telephone the school office to report your child’s absence before 10am. You will also need to send a letter to school when your child returns. Please could you make sure your child is fully recovered after illness before sending them back to school.

Late arrivals

If your child arrives at school after the registration bell has sounded then they must be signed in at the office. Registration opens at 8.50am and closes at 9.20am. Anyone arriving after 8.50am will be marked as “Late”. Anyone arriving after 9.20am will be marked as an “unauthorised absence”.


Wherever possible appointments should be made outside of school hours. Appointment cards/letters should be sent to school in advance of appointments. Pupils must be signed out/in at the school office by parents/guardians.


Holidays in term time are not allowed. There may be exceptional circumstances, in which case please contact the Head teacher.

Medication in school

If your child needs to take a prescribed course of medication or needs long term prescribed medication the office staff will be happy to administer this. Parents must complete a disclaimer form which can be obtained from the school office. There is a medical fridge located in the school office specifically for this purpose.

Items for sale at the school office

The school office sells Gel Pens, Zip wallets, Sun hats and replacement Homework Diaries and Reading Records. However, we cannot accept payment over the counter for school dinners, school visits, music tuition etc. These must be handed in to class by your child in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, class, amount and what the money is for.

Upcoming Events

Training Day
May 28 all-day

School will close the for Spring Half Term on Thursday 27th May 2021

Training Day
Jul 26 all-day

School will close for the summer break on Friday 23rd July 2021

Training Day
Jul 27 all-day