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Robinwood Day 2

After a peaceful night’s sleep, the children were up (in some cases a little too early!) and ready to go. A choice of full English or a range of cereal greeted the children in the breakfast hall, and was suitably demolished in preparation for the day ahead.

The group was boosted by the news that Robbie had recovered sufficiently to join us up at Dobroyd castle and he got stuck straight in to the activities without hesitation.
Between them, our children have now covered the full range of activities. The notorious piranha pool has again been successfully negotiated, (any stories of piranha attacks are greatly exaggerated!) and canoeing has taken place without anyone falling into the icy water.
The giant swing has again proven popular, even in the brief but heavy rain showers that we have experienced. The dungeon of doom has brought out extra bravery from the children, as well as enhancing their skills of team work, co-operation  and problem solving.
The zip line has been raced down in many different poses, the Knight’s quests have been conquered with muddy faces and the rubber ducks at the top of the climbingh walls have been squeezed multiple times (ask the kids when they get home!).
Lunch was eaten efficiently (sounds a bit better than ‘scoffed’) and we were all back to it. The Crate challenge has again seen children work together to build towers and conquer fears of heights. It has been great to see the children encouraging each other and the way that they have looked after those who have been scared, anxious or unsure has been great to see. We really are blessed with a fantastic bunch of caring human beings at our school.
Dinner was consumed in a similar fashion to lunch, and not one choc ice made it out alive from pudding. The children have since settled in to the team challenge, where we have celebrated Robbie’s 10th birthday and Kaitlyn’s time at Holy Trinity with cake. The children are, as is to bed expected, very tired and excited in equal measure.
At the time of publishing, the lights have just gone out in rooms on another day at Robinwood.
The children are really excited to get back home and tell you about all the experiences (exciting or scary, or both) that they have had this week.
Our ETA for back to Holy Trinity tomorrow is 3:20 pm. We will update via parent mail and the school’s twitter page if there are any alterations to this.
Hope you’ve all enjoyed the peace and quiet over the last 2 days, and we’ll see you tomorrow 🙂
Night zzzzzzzz

5 responses to “Robinwood Day 2”

  1. Laura Scott says:

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like they’ve been having a fab time. Looking forward to hearing all the tales 😀.

  2. Dawn Hendry says:

    Sounds amazing cant wait to hear all about it tomorrow and cant wait to have Blake home missed him so much x

  3. Lynne Sinclair says:

    It sounds like they are all having an amazing time. Thanks so much for the updates and all your hard work!

  4. Sherry says:

    Thank you so much for giving them the opportunity to experience new things and create great and unforgettable memories. It’s sounds like they are having loads of fun. Miss my Taha though!

  5. Maura says:

    Thank you for giving our kids some amazing memories of great adventures! Can’t wait to hear all about it from Thomas. You all deserve medals 🥇 🥇 🥇 but you can swap that out for 🍷 ribena. Mx

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