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Topic Summer 2 Week 1

Monday – PE and Computing

Please make sure that you have done some form of exercise today :).

Computing – Please read carefully – OPTION 1 –  This website is called Code Combat and is very good at teaching coding in a fun way. However, you do need to sign up to the website, and YOU NEED A PARENT’S PERMISSION and THEM to sign you up with an email address (as an individual). It is a free website and I have tried it myself (there is a premium version but you won’t need that).

OPTION 2 – You may not wish to sign up to a website, so instead, use the Minecraft coding website to practise your coding skills (no sign up required).


Tuesday – Art

Moving on from last time, where we draw human faces, your task is to now draw a whole human! Here is a video that might help but please feel free to use any video, drawing or technique that you want to guide you. This is a really good skill to have so please try your best!


Wednesday – Topic – VIKINGS HAVE ARRIVED

Your task is to research the Viking raids at Lindisfarne – Perhaps start here

You can present your research as a Powepoint, a poster, a Newspaper Article or in any other way you see fit!

(If we were in school, we’d be writing a newspaper article on it, see WAGOLL at the bottom of the page).


Thursday – French 

French Grammar (This week, don’t worry, not as scary as it sounds!) (RECAP)

More French Grammar (again, not as scary as it sounds (this week)


Friday – Science

  1. Begin with this video on the parts of a plant

2. Then watch this one

3. Take this quiz

This is some extra viewing that might help (this video is good but is a bit longer)


Upcoming Events

NSPCC Number Day
Jan 18 all-day
On Tuesday 18th January 2022 we are celebrating NSPCC number day by holding a Maths and Art day in school.  There will be a virtual live quiz, Y5 vs Y6 with each class contributing by finding clues by answering Maths questions.  There will be lots of work happening across school looking at Maths in Art or Art in Maths.  There is also an optional homework task to draw Poppy Hellings – see the powerpoint for details.
You can donate to the NSPCC via this link