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Year Five Working from Home

It’s the final week, please check the Transition Area of the home learning section for transition tasks! (Click Link)

One thing I forgot to say, you will have 2 weeks + the summer holidays to do the transition activities so don’t rush; your new teachers will want to see it done nicely! 🙂

Comments thread and work sent in

Teachers are currently working on a rota system so they will aim to respond to your comments on their working days.  Please continue to submit any questions or examples of work to

Click here for comments page

What we’ve achieved at home (Final straight)

What we’ve achieved at home archive.

A message from the teachers

Welcome back to ‘school’ everyone.  I hope you’ve all had enough time away from doing school work to have recharged your batteries sufficiently for some more online lessons.  It was great speaking to all those children and their parents that dared answer the phone to their teacher- we will be doing it all again at some point over the next few weeks.

The website is the same as it was before the break: easy to use, the same headings, comments page, sub-headings for each topic and your work displayed.  If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We will answer any of your questions- just use the comments page.  Email your work in to us using the link on this page; the more work we receive, the happier we become.

As always, stay safe and look after yourselves and your families as this is the most important thing you can do whilst away from school.

Suggested timetable for home learning

We appreciate home learning is different for everyone depending on your family and work circumstances at the moment. Any work you can do is going to be beneficial for you children – we would prioritise reading and number facts. We have put together a proposed timetable se if you have children in different year groups and are wanting to provide some structure to your day you can use it for guidance. However, please do regard it as guidance and do what works for you.

We will put suggested activities for each day on the website. Please use them as and when you can. Below is a generalised timetable for the whole school; we will be using something similar, but will be continuing as we were before the holidays. Any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Suggested Timetable


If you cannot access the Maths online please contact school using to ask your child’s class teacher for advice.  We will review after a couple of weeks.  Please also continue to use Mathletics and TT Rockstars.

Maths Archive (Click here for previous weeks)

Maths (Final week!)

White Rose Maths website

English –

If you have 3 minutes, check out this poem that Taha found; it’s great.

Keep reading as much as you can!

Summer 2 Week 5 English

Summer 2 Week 6 English

English Archive (Click here for previous weeks)

Topic and Other Afternoon Activities

We will be attempting to make a start on our Anglo Saxons and Viking Topic. Please also follow this link for other suggested learning.


There are lots of great ideas across the internet to keep kids active at home and we have provided links to these below such as Joe Wicks workouts and Cosmic Yoga. However,these are not physical education lessons, and we all know the importance of physical education to a child’s development and self-confidence. Therefore we will provide 2 links to Physical Education lessons here. Learning and practicing the fundamental skills of agility, balance, coordination and strength are so important.
  1. The department for education have recommended the Yorkshire Sport Foundation #ThisisPE campaign
  2. Real PE Curriculum PE lessons – Username/email, Password – cookridgeh – The children are used to the Skills videos on this website from their weekly PE lessons with their teacher. How far up each coloured skill can you get?

Other ideas for home learning

  • Unleash your creative power and get your voice heard today! Enter the “500 Words Story Writing Competition” for pupils aged 5-13 and be in for a chance of winning an unforgettable day out with Virgin Radio. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change and the latest topic is the Black Lives Movement.
  • If you want any further lessons/resources, beginning Monday 20 April, BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages. We’ll also have a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational videos on iPlayer.
  • Mini First Aid are offering free online children’s First Aid sessions during the lockdown. The first of 6 live sessions will be shown at 11.00am on Thursday 23rd April via their central Facebook page at
    • The sessions will run for 15-20 minutes and involve some of the content which they teach on a daily basis in schools during “non-lockdown / normal times”. The content comes from the “Kids” classes which they teach to Key Stage 2 children, but it should also be fine for KS1 children to watch alongside their parent / carer / siblings. Click here for poster
  • Victory in Europe Day or VE day, marks the day of the end of World War Two between Europe and Nazi Germany. We celebrate this day because it was the end of the fight between Europe and Nazi Germany and we commemorate the war veterans for their service. VE Day will be held on Friday 8th May 2020 and for those of you who would like to do some VE Day activities please use the links below.